Private Tea Party for your Birthday?

Yummy Patisserie Birthday Tea Party

We always say here at Tea Party – any excuse! And really celebrating a Birthday is all too perfect.  You know, it doesn’t have to be a milestone one either (although we have had a fabulous 100th Birthday celebration).

I must confess however, I do love a Sweet 16th..just such a pretty thing to have in the tea room. It gives the girls the most wonderful reason to dress up, get glamorous and enjoy a very special rite of passage – and I think at that age, with supervision they can have very grown up!

Sweet 16th Birthday Tea Party Girls

And anyway, I can put my money where my mouth is, as I myself celebrated my own 40th Birthday in the venue! I even baked my own Birthday Cake. You can bring in a cake (and we don’t charge ‘cakeage’ here)…I mean, what’s a celebration, if you can’t bring your own cake? And on another note, we like it when we get to display a huge beautiful cakey confection …even better if we get offered a slice! We try to refuse, but hey, we like cake and wouldn’t be here at Tea Party if we didn’t.

70th Birthday Afternoon Tea Party Kentish Town

Gorgeous Birthday Celebration Tea Party London

Ok, so, we do hold great birthday tea parties..30th, 40th, 50th…need I go on..but we do get 27th’s 32’s…you get my don’t have to wait till you reach a decade. You grab your friends, family and if you like your other half (and why not?!) to basically eat cake. Well, there is other stuff too..patisserie, cupcakes, scones, delectable finger sandwiches, lemonade…you get the picture. And it’s all for you. No one else cramping your’s private and you can do what you like (well sort of). You can have a right old sing song with our hosted karaoke..thankfully I can’t sing, so I won’t try and join in. Or you could have a naked butler serving you ..perhaps entertaining you…I’ll be looking at the floor. But that’s just me.

So there you go. Your own birthday event. On your own. As much noise as you like. In fact we like.

Birthday Afternoon Tea Party Private Venue London

Hen Party Ladies Afternoon Tea

1. Scrummy Delights

First & foremost, who doesn’t love delectable scrummy treats? Cute finger sandwiches, scones with lashings of clotted cream & jam..not to mention all manner of fabulous cakes & patisserie. It’s just the perfect excuse.

2. Fun with friends AND your mother-in-law to be

Yep, whatever you have planned for your Hen Event, this is the perfect way to include everyone, young & old. Brilliant for your grandma. It can be civilised (well, see #4), gossiping with with not only your close friends & family..but the ‘other side too’!

3. It looks Stunning

If you get it right, a tea party can look amazing, all laid out beautifully with gorgeous place settings, flowers, china, cake stands all piled with mountains of delicious food. You’ll want to share it with your besties!

4. You can add entertainment

Not just any afternoon tea here! The Hen Party Tea Party can include ‘extra entertainment’ – a naked butler neatly attired in just a pinny can make all the difference. Who wouldn’t fancy having a hunky chap pour your tea?! Not your thing? Add a craft, manicure, even a karaoke sing-along.

5. It can be private

If you have a tea party in a venue or a private area just to yourselves, there’ll be no prying eyes. So, if you want to play some hilarious games without a stranger intruding – you can! You can be as loud as you like, dress up in loo roll, ask a quiz with all manner of embarrassing personal questions that your maid of honour has made up, add a craft, make a mess and have a naked butler. Did I mention that one already?

6. You can wear heels

Yes! You’ll be mostly sitting down elegantly enjoying your tea party. Arrive in style, looking absolutely fabulous. You know you can wear those drop dead gorgeous shoes because you won’t have to stand on your feet.

7. It doesn’t have to be debauched & boozy (if you don’t want it to)

If you are not the kinda gal who doesn’t fancy getting legless, then a tea party is an excellent idea…but if you are somewhere in-between, a few sophisticated bubble won’t go amiss with your dainty cucumber sandwiches!