Hen Party vs Bridal Shower Tea Party at our Tea Room in London

Bridal Shower Afternoon Tea Party Venue London

Here at Tea Party, we have deliberated this question many times. Hen Party or Bridal Shower? What is the best for you?
Did you know? Some do both! The reason being is that a Hen Party Tea Party is more about doing some old fashioned stuff. It can be part of an overall hen party weekend where the bride to be has an action packed 2 days ahead. Included in this, is the opportunity to get together either before or after the activities begin. Some find that bonding over tea and bubbles is the perfect opportunity for everyone to meet and get to know each other before heading out perhaps for dinner and a few cocktails. Or the alternative, an afternoon tea party before heading home. There may be games played (make a wedding dress from loo roll is a firm favourite). A ‘Mr & Mrs’ type quiz whereby the groom has provided some answers to some ‘delicate’ questions. Some girls even order a naked butler, because if you think about it, just doesn’t seem right to have with a Bridal Shower.
Further more, the Bridal Shower tends to be a more delicate affair. Perhaps it’s symbolic of more sedate tea party in which the bride celebrates very close to the wedding. Or is that wrong? Is it an American idea in similar vein to the imported and totally fabulous Baby Shower?
Bridal Showers tend to be up to a week before the big day. The Bride to be desires a very pretty setting (consequently and we love this) finds that our pretty private venue is the perfect space to sit and sip tea. Discuss the wedding over delicate finger sandwiches, a cream tea and scrummy cakes.
What’s not to love?
Bridal Shower Afternoon Tea Venue London
Hen Party Tea Party Venue London
Hen Party Tea Party Private Venue London

Baby Shower Afternoon Tea Venue North London

Baby Shower Venue North London

Your bestie has just announced an impending delivery. You’ve done the Hen, it’s time for the next BIG event!! The Baby Shower!

So, what do you know?!  Baby Shower Tea Parties are all the rage. And thankfully, it’s something we at Tea Party do quite a bit. We love them! How girlie can you be? Quite frankly, it’s another excuse to get the girls together for some sweet treats, play some baby games and celebrate a soon to be born bundle of joy. But at the same time, be all about the mum to be.

I mean, when else can you pick a pastel theme and make an event look pretty…ok, apart from perhaps the wedding?!

We make the tea party look so very beautiful with all the gorgeous flowers, vintage tableware, baby shower cupcakes, delicate sandwiches, scrummy scones. Just you guys and the mum to be!! And that’s when the baby games come out…the dirty nappy, quizzes, guess the name of the celebrity baby, don’t mention the word ‘baby’ game..you name it, we’ve seen it! ALL. Once we even had a naked butler. Talk about worrying! Thought we might have an early labour on our hands due to shock!!

Basically, you tell us the date and number of guests. Then you turn up. We do the rest. (well, apart from the games!).

How easy is that? x


Baby Shower Afternoon Tea Party

Baby Shower Afternoon Tea Room Private Venue

Hen Party Ladies Afternoon Tea

1. Scrummy Delights

First & foremost, who doesn’t love delectable scrummy treats? Cute finger sandwiches, scones with lashings of clotted cream & jam..not to mention all manner of fabulous cakes & patisserie. It’s just the perfect excuse.

2. Fun with friends AND your mother-in-law to be

Yep, whatever you have planned for your Hen Event, this is the perfect way to include everyone, young & old. Brilliant for your grandma. It can be civilised (well, see #4), gossiping with with not only your close friends & family..but the ‘other side too’!

3. It looks Stunning

If you get it right, a tea party can look amazing, all laid out beautifully with gorgeous place settings, flowers, china, cake stands all piled with mountains of delicious food. You’ll want to share it with your besties!

4. You can add entertainment

Not just any afternoon tea here! The Hen Party Tea Party can include ‘extra entertainment’ – a naked butler neatly attired in just a pinny can make all the difference. Who wouldn’t fancy having a hunky chap pour your tea?! Not your thing? Add a craft, manicure, even a karaoke sing-along.

5. It can be private

If you have a tea party in a venue or a private area just to yourselves, there’ll be no prying eyes. So, if you want to play some hilarious games without a stranger intruding – you can! You can be as loud as you like, dress up in loo roll, ask a quiz with all manner of embarrassing personal questions that your maid of honour has made up, add a craft, make a mess and have a naked butler. Did I mention that one already?

6. You can wear heels

Yes! You’ll be mostly sitting down elegantly enjoying your tea party. Arrive in style, looking absolutely fabulous. You know you can wear those drop dead gorgeous shoes because you won’t have to stand on your feet.

7. It doesn’t have to be debauched & boozy (if you don’t want it to)

If you are not the kinda gal who doesn’t fancy getting legless, then a tea party is an excellent idea…but if you are somewhere in-between, a few sophisticated bubble won’t go amiss with your dainty cucumber sandwiches!