Baby Shower Afternoon Tea Venue North London

Baby Shower Venue North London

Your bestie has just announced an impending delivery. You’ve done the Hen, it’s time for the next BIG event!! The Baby Shower!

So, what do you know?!  Baby Shower Tea Parties are all the rage. And thankfully, it’s something we at Tea Party do quite a bit. We love them! How girlie can you be? Quite frankly, it’s another excuse to get the girls together for some sweet treats, play some baby games and celebrate a soon to be born bundle of joy. But at the same time, be all about the mum to be.

I mean, when else can you pick a pastel theme and make an event look pretty…ok, apart from perhaps the wedding?!

We make the tea party look so very beautiful with all the gorgeous flowers, vintage tableware, baby shower cupcakes, delicate sandwiches, scrummy scones. Just you guys and the mum to be!! And that’s when the baby games come out…the dirty nappy, quizzes, guess the name of the celebrity baby, don’t mention the word ‘baby’ name it, we’ve seen it! ALL. Once we even had a naked butler. Talk about worrying! Thought we might have an early labour on our hands due to shock!!

Basically, you tell us the date and number of guests. Then you turn up. We do the rest. (well, apart from the games!).

How easy is that? x


Baby Shower Afternoon Tea Party

Baby Shower Afternoon Tea Room Private Venue