Christmas at Tea Party 2017

A perfect idea for your work do?! Christmas 2017

My, it all comes round so quickly! You’ve not long stepped off the plane from your summer holidays and before you know it, you are planning Christmas! I always find this a very strange thought as even now, I’m still applying my suntan extending moisturising cream.

A Christmas Private Tea Party..what a great idea!
A Christmas Private Tea Party..what a great idea!

However, the shops have now filled their ‘Seasonal Aisle’ with festive goodies. The mega boxes of assorted chocolates are stacked. Have you seen the Roses ones? Don’t get me started…what has happened to those? The chocolates have completely changed. The wrappers alone! Disappointed just doesn’t come close. No more tangy orange with bits, just strange oddities pulled from an old box of Milk Tray. Doubt they’ll be around next year. Tossed aside & hidden with the Black Magic. Remember those?

I’m a Celebrations girl myself..can always go for a naughty Snickers (bite size) without feeling too much guilt. But, you can forget the coconut Bounty, in our family, they are the ones always left. Do you have a favourite? Bet it’s the Bounty!

Anyway, I digress. Christmas. Tea Party. It’s a must.

As always, you’ll have the place to yourself. No one peaking whilst you sip from the champagne flutes, pull our festive crackers and howl with jovial laughter. Perhaps even have the chance to bring your own ‘Secret Santa’ games.

So, if you fancy a very sweet Christmas get together, looking oh so know what to do! And we promise not to laugh if you wear the hats from the crackers!! We may even join you.

Seating privately: 12-40 guests

Our super Christmas Afternoon Tea

From £30 per person

  • Unlimited Tea
  • Unlimited Ice Cool Lemonade
  • Festive Sandwiches
  • Scones, jam, oodles of clotted cream
  • Selection of Christmas Patisserie
  • Crackers

To book:

Christmas Afternoon Tea Party, a perfect idea for a Christmas Affair!
Christmas Afternoon Tea Party, a perfect idea for a Christmas Affair!

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