Your 2019 Christmas Tea Party in London

Your 2018 Christmas Tea Party in London

The Christmas tea party season is upon us and we couldn’t be more excited to tell you what we have in store for you this year. Christmas is a time for sharing and being grateful of having people around you that you call friends, family, and co-workers. While everyone likes to celebrate Christmas a little differently, we think you’ll be surprised at just how magical and festive your tea party in London will be with us.

There’s so much to do in London around Christmas time, whether it’s heading out to the shops to buy that special present you have in mind for someone, picking out the beautiful decorations for this year’s big day, enjoying the city’s bountiful festive attractions, or getting together with co-workers from the office. But, what better way to usher in the Christmas season than a tea party in London with the people that mean the most to you. Wouldn’t you agree?

At Tea Party, we love to do what we do best, and that’s helping people enjoy the festive season with a truly scummy tea party in London, with some bubbles on the side. So, send us an email and let us know how many family members, friends or co-workers you’d like to invite to your get together.

Alternatively, take a look at our festively inspired Christmas tea party proceedings and menu for 2019.

Come in, relax, and enjoy the festivities.

Before sitting down to tuck into your very own (and totally private) tea party in London, you’ll be greeted with a flute full of bubbles* and a few festive crackers to get things started. But, don’t be afraid to make this the moment that everyone pulls their crackers and puts on their Christmas hats, shares this year’s ‘Secret Santa’ gifts or simply plays some of the festive games you love best. After all, if Christmas isn’t a time to let loose and laugh, then when is?

What’s on our Christmas tea party menu this year?

Based in the heart of London’s Kentish Town, our Tea Party room can comfortably host between 12 and 40 guests. And, like we said before, you’ll have the whole place for you and your guests to enjoy in as festive a way as you’d like. Our 2019 Christmas tea party menu includes:

  • Crackers
  • Unlimited Tea
  • Flute of bubbles*
  • Festive Sandwiches
  • Unlimited Ice-cool Lemonade
  • Selection of Christmas Patisserie
  • Scones, jam, oodles of clotted cream

Book now from £34 per person.

We hope you’re looking forward to your Christmas tea party in London as much as we are. But just remember, we’re here to make your time in our tea room as special as possible, so let us know if you have any requests or if you’re tying in an event like a birthday or hen party.

To make a booking for your Christmas tea party in London for 2019, please send us an email with the size of your group, the dates you have in mind, dietary requirements, and if there’s anything special you need to let us know about. Alternatively, you can call us on 020 8127 7141 or 07779 635 876.

We can’t wait to see you here and we wish you a very merry Christmas.

*Please feel free to bring your own bottles (BYOB) of alcohol should you wish to for your tea party. However, please note that we do charge a corking fee on all bottles.

Private Tea Party for your Birthday?

Yummy Patisserie Birthday Tea Party

We always say here at Tea Party – any excuse! And really celebrating a Birthday is all too perfect.  You know, it doesn’t have to be a milestone one either (although we have had a fabulous 100th Birthday celebration).

I must confess however, I do love a Sweet 16th..just such a pretty thing to have in the tea room. It gives the girls the most wonderful reason to dress up, get glamorous and enjoy a very special rite of passage – and I think at that age, with supervision they can have very grown up!

Sweet 16th Birthday Tea Party Girls

And anyway, I can put my money where my mouth is, as I myself celebrated my own 40th Birthday in the venue! I even baked my own Birthday Cake. You can bring in a cake (and we don’t charge ‘cakeage’ here)…I mean, what’s a celebration, if you can’t bring your own cake? And on another note, we like it when we get to display a huge beautiful cakey confection …even better if we get offered a slice! We try to refuse, but hey, we like cake and wouldn’t be here at Tea Party if we didn’t.

70th Birthday Afternoon Tea Party Kentish Town

Gorgeous Birthday Celebration Tea Party London

Ok, so, we do hold great birthday tea parties..30th, 40th, 50th…need I go on..but we do get 27th’s 32’s…you get my don’t have to wait till you reach a decade. You grab your friends, family and if you like your other half (and why not?!) to basically eat cake. Well, there is other stuff too..patisserie, cupcakes, scones, delectable finger sandwiches, lemonade…you get the picture. And it’s all for you. No one else cramping your’s private and you can do what you like (well sort of). You can have a right old sing song with our hosted karaoke..thankfully I can’t sing, so I won’t try and join in. Or you could have a naked butler serving you ..perhaps entertaining you…I’ll be looking at the floor. But that’s just me.

So there you go. Your own birthday event. On your own. As much noise as you like. In fact we like.

Birthday Afternoon Tea Party Private Venue London

Hen Party vs Bridal Shower Tea Party at our Tea Room in London

Bridal Shower Afternoon Tea Party Venue London

Here at Tea Party, we have deliberated this question many times. Hen Party or Bridal Shower? What is the best for you?
Did you know? Some do both! The reason being is that a Hen Party Tea Party is more about doing some old fashioned stuff. It can be part of an overall hen party weekend where the bride to be has an action packed 2 days ahead. Included in this, is the opportunity to get together either before or after the activities begin. Some find that bonding over tea and bubbles is the perfect opportunity for everyone to meet and get to know each other before heading out perhaps for dinner and a few cocktails. Or the alternative, an afternoon tea party before heading home. There may be games played (make a wedding dress from loo roll is a firm favourite). A ‘Mr & Mrs’ type quiz whereby the groom has provided some answers to some ‘delicate’ questions. Some girls even order a naked butler, because if you think about it, just doesn’t seem right to have with a Bridal Shower.
Further more, the Bridal Shower tends to be a more delicate affair. Perhaps it’s symbolic of more sedate tea party in which the bride celebrates very close to the wedding. Or is that wrong? Is it an American idea in similar vein to the imported and totally fabulous Baby Shower?
Bridal Showers tend to be up to a week before the big day. The Bride to be desires a very pretty setting (consequently and we love this) finds that our pretty private venue is the perfect space to sit and sip tea. Discuss the wedding over delicate finger sandwiches, a cream tea and scrummy cakes.
What’s not to love?
Bridal Shower Afternoon Tea Venue London
Hen Party Tea Party Venue London
Hen Party Tea Party Private Venue London